Netbooks vs. Notebooks Posted By : Salem Hassan

Consumers have a lot of choice when it comes to buying portable computing device. However, making the right decision means understanding the options available for you. Recently, netbooks became the newest addition in the portable computing environment. These small and handy digital devices come with different features and offer users much of the same functionality as that of notebooks.

Spyware 101 Posted By : Salem Hassan

Anyone who owns a computer knows about the threats of viruses and worms. But over the past ten years there has bean another concern annoying computer owners to death. This problem is Spyware and Adware. Many have suffered troublesome attacks of pop-ups that these programs cause but for some users these terms are still foreign. Here is a brief crash course in what Spyware is and what steps can be taken to get rid of it or to avoid it altogether.

Green IT Posted By : Salem Hassan

Economic downturn has hit almost every countries of the world. Many firms has close down or either downsize their manpower to save on operational cost Eyesby Design NorthYork Others were revisiting every aspect of their companies operation to check and see what possible action they could take to reduce their carbon print. Some companies consider these hard times as good days for greening their data center.

Branded USB Flash Drives To Promote Your Business Posted By : Chriss Tyrrell

With so many people using computers in their homes and businesses today, using branded USB flash drives for promotional giveaways is pretty much a no-brainer. You see, often times information that would otherwise be emailed contains too much data for this method of transfer. This is where the giveaway flash drive comes and anything promotional that can be done with a flash drive, can be done even better with a branded USB flash drive.

Registry Cleaner Posted By : Alexis Kenne

A registry cleaner is a type of software utility designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system whose purpose is to remove redundant or unwanted items from the Windows registry. However the necessity and usefulness of registry cleaners is a controversial topic, with experts not agreeing on their benefit. The problem is further clouded by the fact that malware and scareware is often associated with utilities of this type.

Instant Computer Support in the Comfort of Your Home Posted By : Salem Hassan

Its often hard to trust computer technicians to do the right job for the right price. Paying a technician for computer support is a lot like paying a mechanic to work on your car. And like Car Maintenance, Computer support is unavoidable for anyone in today’s tech savvy world. One of the biggest fears among new computer users is being infected by a computer virus or programs designed to destroy their personal data.

Adware vs. Spyware Posted By : Salem Hassan

Todays spyware and adware infections Ashley madison tinder are among the common and dangerous threats on the internet. Modern spyware, adware, browser hijackers and information thieves became more harmful than traditional viruses and worms. Using up-to-date antivirus software will give you the feeling of being protected from 90% of viruses, Trojans and similar threats.

Why Custom Branded USB Flash Sticks For Your Firm? Posted By : Chriss Tyrrell

So now some company sales rep is trying to convince you that you should get your firms name and logo custom printed on its USB sticks. Sure they’ll look nice but can there be something more to it that you just aren’t picking up on. Other aspects of custom branded USB sticks that you need to consider, if you do in deed switch over to them?